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Regulatory Compliance & Consulting

Environmental, Natural Resources, Water, Energy, and Utility Projects

Governmental Affairs & Strategy

Local, Regional, State, and Federal Governmental Entities and Legislative Bodies


Our Story

(Is Really About You)​

Today’s increasingly complex regulatory environment is exacting a huge toll on businesses and their managers. 

  • How do businesses meet their day-to-day commercial demands while also managing complex permitting, licensing, compliance, and other regulatory obligations? 

  • How do managers effectively coordinate and communicate with multi-disciplinary teams of consultants, engineers, lawyers, and other regulatory specialists? 

  • How do busy managers stay abreast of evolving agency regulations and legislative enactments affecting their operations? 

At times, the regulatory process appears insurmountable.  Escarpment Consulting was formed to help you overcome these and other problems.

Our Approach​

Escarpment Consulting is invested in your success.  Our mission is to help guide you through the bureaucratic maze and scale regulatory hurdles in a more strategic and efficient manner. 


We do this by:

  • understanding your fundamental objectives

  • identifying obstacles to your success

  • outlining practical and potentially available solutions

  • effectively communicating with your technical, engineering, legal, and public relations teams

  • actively presenting and implementing your strategy at regulatory agencies and the legislature

  • enabling you to focus more on your day-to-day commercial activities

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